Hello everyone! Here you’ll find information on Milky Pixel (real name Pearlyn Rae Relucio / 임린아) in regards to her skill sets, current social media figures, and more.  

Current Social Media Figures: 
Twitter: 1.1k+ followers 
Instagram: 1.3k+ followers 
Twitch: 2.7k+ followers 
YouTube: 1.3k+ followers 
Facebook: 1.1k+ likes 

Skills & Specialties: 

On Screen Presenting/Hosting  Stage Presenting/Hosting 
Art Direction (photo/videoshoots)  Screen/Voice Acting 
Talent Management Event Management 
Singing  Dancing 
Djing  Public Speaking 

You can find a few of Milky’s performance credits on her IMDb page by clicking here.

For interesting facts about Milky, check out her profile page.

Or, if you’re interested in working with Milky and would like to know more, you can contact her by clicking here